Lanyards have become rather ubiquitous. They can be spotted in workplaces, social events, humanitarian causes, sports activities, seminars, and conferences.

Lanyards are used for carrying badges or IDs, and electronic devices (such as USB drives, smartphones, and cameras). They’re also used as safety straps or decorations for uniforms. These also serve to express the individuality and creativity of a person who wants personalized products. The cords also become a means of promoting any activity or cause that would benefit from added awareness. In other words, the lanyard has become a promotional accessory. It has become a reflection of trademarks, companies, and events.

Without a doubt, these cords have risen from being mere practical tools and are now deemed decorative must-haves. In part, that explains why you’re among the millions currently looking for a reliable lanyard manufacturer.

The World Wide Web is a great place to look for possible manufacturers or suppliers of custom lanyards. As you do your search though, don’t settle for the first one that appears on your web browser. Pay attention to matters regarding price and quality. Likewise, don’t forget about the significance of good customer support. List down several companies and compare their features. Read the feedbacks of their customers to learn more about their performance.

customlanyardTruth be told, finding a good company isn’t hard at all. Many manufacturers aim to produce high-quality products which can enhance the image of your business or company. They design your orders based on your specifications and preferences. Most importantly, they know that what they produce will be part of special events that make a difference in the community. It’s even appropriate to say that they consider your success as the measuring stick of their own triumphs.

Now, if you’re suddenly having second thoughts about ordering these promotional (yet functional) accessories since you aren’t that creative, you definitely have to think about his fact – the very best lanyard manufacturers recognize the sheer difficulty of coming up with incredible designs. That’s why they have teams that work with clients in creating the perfect design. “Perfect” means that the resulting aesthetics won’t just be reflective of the brand’s colors, but will also be suitable for the specific purpose to be served by the lanyard. These teams also help customers pick among various top-quality materials, further ensuring that the result is topnotch. Alternatively, if you really aren’t that particular when it comes to design, those teams will help you pick among hundreds of templates.

Once you have chosen a design or have sent your own design for editing, they will send back a final draft for your approval. Then, when you finally approve the concept they have done based on your requirements, the next thing is to talk about the details of your orders and the price of the production. By the way, asking for revisions to be made doesn’t entail additional costs – it’s a free service provided by the finest in the industry. They also do not charge additional fees for designing your concept or logo if you want a new one.

The very best manufacturers also offer free quotations so you will have an idea on how much you’ll have to pay for your order, especially given the volume of products you need.

If you’re worried about something unrelated to matters of design, it’s always an option to get in touch with the lanyard companies that have piqued your interest. As mentioned, all reputable manufacturers have top-of-the-line support services and so, all your queries can be answered in the most convenient way – whether through phone or email. There are also lanyard providers that have live chat support services on their websites.

All in all, whether you are looking for custom or blank custom lanyards, always remember that there are many credible companies waiting to serve you – all you have to do is find them online.

Custom lanyards for name badges and trade shows with no minimum orders. Our customized lanyards are high quality and priced right!

Motivational Speakers: Why do Companies Need Them

In the fast paced world you live in, you certainly get tired every now and then. You sometimes come to a point where you want to resign and just travel, but you know you can’t. These are the main reasons why companies do team buildings and seminars.

The goal of team building is not necessarily to give you a break but to develop the company’s workforce as a team. Various kinds of exercises and games are involved in this kind of activity. Here, motivational talks are also included in order to further improve and motivate the company’s pool of professionals, which you are a part of.

Motivational speakers are invited to speak to the entire team and give inspirational talks about personal topics that affect the company’s development such as personality development, teamwork, health and fitness etc. Companies hire motivational speakers from outside because most of the time, the leaders of the companies cannot give an excellent speech.

Motivational speakersMotivational speakers, on the other hand, are able to empower and motivate employees. They have the capacity to help the company do more and produce more through motivating the workforce, and even the leaders of the company. They have this talent to directly speak to you but in actuality, they are speaking to the entire organization, and you, as the listener, would feel motivated to do better for yourself and for your company.

Your bosses do know that you get tired. They know that one of these days working diligently for so long may just burn out your enthusiasm. That is why there are seminars and team buildings that employees are sometimes required to attend. And even when they are not compulsory, you should still attend because doing so is truly beneficial.

Team buildings are just one venue for inspirational speaking. Companies or organizations also conduct seminars about success, better business, customer management, and other related topics that could hone your skills as an employee. It is also a venue where speakers could provide ideas for the companies to see things in a different perspective. Because there are times that a company gets very busy striving to make money, they fail to see that the rest of the world has already changed.

Companies need to realize that they need to keep changing in order for them to survive, because everything in the world keeps on changing. And the company cannot be successful if they continue their old ways. Therefore, it is important to get new ideas on how to improve the company, and motivational speakers are the best source for such ideas because they know how to deliver those in an inspiring way. That way, the leaders would understand the need and there is a greater chance that they will implement changes because they heard it from someone who does not command, but from someone who motivates and encourages.

A company cannot remain stagnant because it will surely die if it does. It needs to change and to strive harder in order to be more successful. A person like you, on the other hand, cannot remain stagnant as well, because your soul will die too. That is why motivation is very necessary for both the company and the employee. With motivation, both you and your company grow, and that is what organizational motivational talks are generally aiming for.

It is vital for companies to do seminars and team buildings from time to time. This way, the companies do not only get bright new ideas, they also take their employees away from stress. And when the employees are not stressed out, they do their work happily and contently.

The True Path To Weight Loss – Using The Best HCG Drops

Weight loss has a lot of different results that you can see online. Look it up and you will end up seeing hundreds of thousands of opinions on the matter. If you are lost in the midst of so many reviews, and you are not really sure what is going to work best, you should stop looking and understand what can help you make gains. There’s a true path to losing weight and making gains, and it starts with searching for what works, and perhaps even adding the best hcg drops, which are a part of a greater good that is getting praise right now.

The Holistic Side of Things

best hcg dropsFirst and foremost, when it comes to losing weight, you have to focus on natural paths. Losing weight naturally is going to help you rise to the challenge of getting true loss. Without this in place, you are not going to end up with a positive solution overall. It’s going to be something that is definitely worth pursuing, and something that will have results that will not only manifest at first, it will become sustainable. Sustainable losses are not about losing fat, it’s about allowing you to get the best results for your body, in a natural manner. When you focus on that, you will not only feel good, but you will turn fat into pure energy, and it will burn through a lot of different things, and you will not return to your past weight at all.

Using The Energy

The next thing that you need to do is look into how fat can be turned into energy. Energy can come from nutrients that you eat with food intake, supplements and more. However, energy can be driven by fat cells that are processed through the metabolic rate. When your metabolism spikes, you will see a huge jump in your results, and you could very well end up with a positive answer to your goals. Imagine losing weight that lasts, and find yourself in a better place than when you started, all because of metabolic rate. What happens with the best hcg drops is that you will use the energy from fat, and end up with a great deal of options overall.

If you don’t use any supplements, you could sustain caloric drops through diet and exercise. However, your body is a machine and it could end up with hitting a wall. When you hit a wall in regards to your path to fitness, you will end up having to cycle through changes and muscle confusion. Muscle confusion is the key here, but if you want to sustain the changes, you will need to work with natural elements that can help you get an edge within your goals. Using exercise to drive fat loss is good, but make sure that you also use a supplement to help.

Food and Supplements

When you eat lean meats, you are going to be adding protein to your system. However, there are some people that need more than others. Food and supplements can go hand in hand, especially if you don’t eat a lot of lean meat. However, if you are going to diminish your calories, you should look into the best hcg drops and the nutrition that comes through food. Food options will help you get through the right moves to weight loss, but remember there’s something more to the food you eat, and weight loss as well. Focus on the right side of things through exercise, diet, and hcg, and you’ll see sustainable results. It’s a positive thing that you should work with, as a larger picture.

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If you are going to diminish your calories, you should look into the best hcg drops and the nutrition that comes through food. Food options will help you get through the right moves to weight loss.

PCB Fabrication: Designing Approaches and Considerations

Designing and PCB fabrication is considered as an important part in the production of PCBs. This forms an important factor in electronic reliability and performance. The productivity of your printed circuit board along with the serviceability and the assembly will also depend on the main design.

PCB fabricationYour main layout should include all of the relevant details and aspects of your PCB design. On the other hand, the network may be produced at a ratio of 2:1, 1:1, or even at a 4:1 scale. Experts recommend you to use a prepared 1:1 scale because this can help you measure the actual distance of one component of the board from the other parts.

In designing and constructing the PCB board itself, you have to closely follow a series of steps so you can be successful in your endeavor.

Initially, you will need to prepare all of the required circuit diagrams. Preparing these beforehand can help you prevent unnecessarily rushing through any of the steps involved. This can also prevent slowing down the entire task of construction just because you do not have a systematic way of going through the entire process.

You also need to list out the components, sizes, and other specifications of the materials that you will use for the PCB fabrication. This will make it easier for you to purchase what you need for the task. Also, this will help in significantly decreasing the chances of buying the wrong components for the PCB.

You may draft this on a graph sheet. After this, you should place all the pads and finish the thin tracks. Place these on your mylor sheet and then on your graph sheet. Using a knife, place the parts along with the screw holes. Fix all of the tracks. You may then keep one component and consider this as the key.

In PCB fabrication, you also need to convert your circuit diagram.

To do this, you should first cut the lines and mount them as soon as you have prepared all of them. You may then list down all of the components and specifications, including the thickness, diameters, code names, and lengths. After this, keeping one of the components as the key aspect is highly advisable. Initially store the key component and the supporting tools along with them. All of the tracks should be set in straight lines. In between the ICs, you should not pass the signal lines. To help you avoid some dislocations for the PCB, you need to mark the pin number of the IC on your layout. You should also keep in mind that you have to keep the length of your conductor as low as possible. Finally, position all of the diodes, resistors, and other types of components parallel to each other.

There are different types of layout approaches that you may utilize in PCB fabrication.

First, you should mark the connectors and the board outlines on a piece of paper. You may then sketch the component outlines using conductor patterns and connecting points.

You have to prepare the layout as initially seen from the side of the component. This will help you avoid any types of confusion in attaching the rest of the components. Your layout should be developed in the signal flow direction.

Among the components, you have to fill the larger ones first before you go for the space of the smaller ones. The output connections, rewiring input, and components should come near your connectors. All of the components that you will use should be placed in a way that will not require desoldering in the long run.

How to Choose the Right Shaft Flex for You

Getting a new golf club from the Taylormade golf shop is always a big decision. Choosing the wrong club for you will not only scar your budget, but it will also ruin your games when you use it, too. The question now is, ‘How can you make sure that you are choosing the right golf club?’

Well, to be honest, it is a tad difficult to determine that. But there is a way to lessen the chance of getting the one from the Taylormade golf shop that will not fit in your playing style and skills. And that is to choosing the club that has the right shaft flex for you. Do you have any idea what is shaft flex? If you do not, you had better read the explanation below.

What Is Shaft Flex

Taylormade golfTechnically, shaft flex is your club’s ability to bend during a swing. All golf clubs bend when you do a drive even if they are the stiffest one you have ever handled. Depending on how powerful your swing, the golf club you will be using will demonstrate different amounts of bending.

Take note that the amount of bending will affect the force that will push the golf ball. And depending on the amount of force that impacted on the ball, the ball may fly slower or faster; higher or lower; or spin faster or do not at all.

Different Ratings of Shaft Flexes

Golf clubs are rated according to their shaft flex. All of the clubs with all the types of rating are available in the Taylormade golf shop. By the way, those ratings are:

• Extra Stiff (X)

• Stiff (S)

• Regular (R)

• Senior (A)

• Ladies (L)

What Happens If the Shaft Flex Is Incompatible with Your Swings

The most affected aspect of your game when you choose the club with the inappropriate shaft flex for your swing is the alignment of your club to the golf ball. As you might already know, to get the most out of your swing, it is important that you hit the ball with the clubface squarely. Technically, you must hit the golf ball with the club head’s grooved surface. If you fail to do that, your shot will be weaker and will hit off target. And if you really got it bad, you will not hit the ball at all and you will look awful.

A Stiffer or Softer Shaft Flex

As mentioned before, the shaft flex must be compatible with your swing. How will you know if the club’s flex is incompatible with you? Well, below are the signs you must watch out for:

Your Club Is Too Stiff for You If:

• The golf ball you sent flying would fly lower than normal.

• If you are right handed, the ball will fly towards your right too much than you anticipated or it may fade side, which means the ball will fly from left to right in a curving motion, even if you do not want it to happen.

•You will feel that the impact of your club and the ball was not solid enough, or it will feel like you missed the swing.

Your Club Is Too Soft for You If:

• The golf ball flies higher than usual.

• If you are right handed, the ball will fly towards to the left or the ball will be on the draw side, which means the ball will curve from right to left, even if you did not plan to let it fly that way.

• Your shot will feel too solid, and it might make you feel uncomfortable with the shot (though some have likened too much solidness in their shots).

Fundamentally, if you were unable to encounter the difficulties mentioned above, then you the shaft flex of the club you are using or going to buy from the Taylormade golf shop should be the right one for you.

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Different Types of Neck Lanyards

Neck LanyardsNeck lanyards are becoming more popular in organizations and workplaces because aside from the practical use of having ID cards highly visible, they also provide brand identity and promotion. In this case, high quality is the top priority in looking for lanyards. For example, in the case of a workplace, lanyards should last the duration of the stay of an employee in the company.

There are different high-quality lanyards available to choose from nowadays. The most commonly used are nylon lanyards, dye-sublimated lanyards, tubular lanyards, woven lanyards, and polyester lanyards.

1.Nylon Lanyards

Nylon lanyards are made of high-quality nylons, which provide a nice sheen to the final product. Company names and logos are imprinted in nylon neck lanyards using silkscreens. This type of lanyard is the perfect option for intricately designed company names and logos because the shine of the material makes the design stand out. The natural lustre of nylon also effectively captures attention, especially in large crowds.

2.Polyester Lanyards

Polyester lanyards are the most commonly used type of lanyards since they are the most affordable. As the name suggests, they’re made of polyester materials, usually with twill; and just like the nylon-made lanyards, text and logos are imprinted unto these lanyards using the silkscreen method.

3.Woven Lanyards

Woven neck lanyards use the same high-quality polyester materials as regular polyester lanyards. Their main difference is how the design is imprinted. With this type of lanyard, the design is really woven into the fabric, making it the best option for organizations who want to make sure their names or logo does not chip or fade away after many years, unless bleached or constantly exposed to extreme conditions. The colors of the design retain the same color intensity as the lanyard itself because they’re basically made of the same material. Designs are kept minimal with this type of lanyard, or it usually depends on the embroidery skill of the lanyard maker.

4.Tubular Lanyards

Tubular lanyards are also made of high-quality polyester twill; however, it is tube-stitched, giving the final product a shoestring pattern, only wider. Tubular lanyards have this unique soft feel that make it comfortable to wear for long periods of time even for schoolchildren. The unique pattern of this lanyard also helps in highlighting the silkscreen-printed design.

5.Dye-Sublimated Lanyards

Multi-colored lanyards, with more intricate designs, are now becoming more popular because they easily attract attention. These are called dye-sublimated lanyards. Just like most lanyards, they are also made of polyester, but specifically of white color, which acts as the base.

To add color to this white base, heat and pressure are used with multi-color imprints. However, unlike the silkscreen process where the imprint just sits on the surface of the material, which makes it likely to be chipped or scraped after some time, dye sublimation process actually “transfers” the colors into the material, giving the material the same imprint color on either side.

Because of the set-up required to do this process, most neck lanyards makers require higher minimum quantity for these orders, mostly around 200 to 300 pieces. However, if there is a really limited head count, some makers would still accept the order, but will increase the individual price accordingly.

If you’re looking to purchase lanyards with your preferred type and you are expecting that your organization will significantly grow in the next two years, it is recommended to order higher than your current headcount. This is to cover for new members in the organization and cases of lost neck lanyards. Additionally, most of the time, especially if your order is in bulk, most lanyard makers also offer free graphic design and layout services. It is therefore prudent to take advantage of these freebies.

Firefighter Challenge Coins are a Good Way of Honoring Their Bravery

Firefighter challenge coins are among the most-respected of these commemorative medallions. Firemen are among the most respected of civilian rescue personnel, with a well-earned reputation for bravery and integrity. Thus, it should not be surprising that firefighters have embraced the concept of the challenge medallion, since it helps to build the bonds of brotherhood among the squad. When you are facing a life-threatening situation, it is very important that you be able to trust the other firefighters working beside you, and the challenge coin helps to symbolize this.

There are many ways that firefighter challenge coins can be used:

  1. Challenge coinsThey can be given to all the members of a squad. For this purpose, the coin should have the insignia of the squad as a way of identifying the holder as a squad member. They can also have consecutive numbering as a way of indicating that they are a limited issue. The numbering can also be a way of indicating seniority, with those who have been part of the squad longer having lower numbers on their coins.
  2. They can be given only to those who have demonstrated exemplary performance above and beyond the call of duty. Thus, those who have one of these special coins are singled out for displaying outstanding bravery or other outstanding qualities while doing their job.
  3. They can be used to memorialize firefighters who have fallen in the line of duty. in this case, the coins can include the date of the event as part of the design, as well as the name of the fallen firefighters and a short inscription such as “In Memory of…”
  4. They can be inscribed with a special prayer for the protection of the firefighters. In this case, the custom coins can be like religious medallions that the firefighters carry around for good luck.
  5. They can be used to mark an anniversary. In this case, the coins can be distributed not only to members of the squad but select members of the community as well as those who have supported the firefighters.

In addition, volunteer firefighters can also issue their own challenge coins. These coins can be particularly important in building team spirit since the members of the squad are all volunteers who don’t have to participate but voluntarily choose to give their time for free in order to be of service to the community. In this case, the coins can also be given to people who support the volunteer firefighters by providing either monetary or moral support.

Designing Firefighter Challenge Coins

When you are ordering custom coins for firefighters, why not take advantage of the wide range of design options available in order to make the medallions more distinctive? For example, if the coin is used to mark an anniversary, why not add an antique finish to them to make them look genuinely of the period? Or you can add a diamond cut edge to the coins to make them look more attractive and less like real coins or tokens.

Another design factor that you can consider is making the coin a custom shape rather than the regular round one. For instance, why not make the coin in the shape of the firefighter’s badge? Or you can have the text on the coin engraved to make them stand out or add an epoxy finish so that the coins will last longer.

If you are not yet convinced that having challenge coins made is a good idea, consider the many benefits you will enjoy versus the relatively lost cost of having them made. Custom coins cost less than you would expect, so why not check them out?

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If you want military challenge coins, challengecoins4less can furnish coins your unit will carry and display with pride. challengecoins4less have the honor of supplying military coins to every branch of the U.S. Armed Services – Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.

Cremation Throughout the Ages

While cremation is increasingly becoming popular nowadays due to several factors, it is also noteworthy that cremating dead bodies has been around for centuries or even millennia. Burning the bodies of dead loved ones has been practiced since the prehistoric times.

CremationEvidence has been uncovered that people had burned bodies in China even as early as 8000 B.C. In Greece, the cremation process was used in some parts but was never widespread throughout the empire. In Greece, the practice had diminished by about 480 B.C. During the Viking era and the Iron Age, especially in Sweden, cremating was practiced but ceased during the introduction of Christianity to the area. This was around 1050 A.D. Elsewhere in the Western Roman Empire, cremating was the main way to ‘keep’ the dead until the 1st century. Cremating was also linked to military honors. As Christianity became widespread, cremating became taboo and was discouraged throughout Europe by the 5th century. This was the norm except during wars and epidemics where spatial concerns and a lot of dead people fueled the need to burn bodies.

The French Revolution was pivotal in reintegrating the practice of cremating dead bodies. Groups like revolutionaries, anarchists, and Freemasons advocated cremating as a means to reduce the Church’s role in funerals. Perhaps due to such association, the Church – until the 20th century – prohibited cremation as a way to ‘keep’ the dead. Asia tells a different story, especially in Buddhist areas. Cremating became popular under certain Korean and Chinese dynasties until around 1300 A.D. During the 14th century, the birth of Neo-Confucianism saw the resurgence of burials in major parts of the Asian continent.

The contemporary practice of cremating bodies commenced in the latter part of the 1800s with Professor Brunetti’s invention of a practical cremating chamber. The invention was presented during the Vienna Exposition in 1873. The support of Sir Henry Thompson, who was the surgeon of Queen Victoria, public concern for health and hygiene, and clerical issues to change burial practices, drove the need for crematories to be opened throughout Europe and the rest of the world. In 1876, America’s first contemporary crematory was built in Pennsylvania.

While the practice of cremation is no longer frowned upon nowadays and is a common occurrence, there are some cultures that still adhere to the religious significance of burning the dead as the last rites. Cremating is especially sacred in Hinduism. The process is believed not only as a way to “keep” the dead in this lifetime; the process is also believed to lead the soul into rebirth or into the afterlife. Sikhism and Jainism followers prefer cremating over other burial practices. Open-air cremating ceremonies are done in India, especially in the sacred city of Varanasi. Here, the bodies are “disposed of” on top of pyres (wood-fueled) on the Ganges River banks.

However, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are not open to cremating. Islamic followers are decreed to bury the dead quickly, preferably within the day the person died. Conservative and Orthodox Jews prohibit cremating on the basis of Talmudic and biblical rulings. A lot of Reform and Liberal Jews, however, advocate cremating as a viable option. As for the Eastern Orthodox Church, cremating is not supported because it deviates from the Resurrection’s doctrines. However, there are some Protestant groups open to the idea of cremating and these groups have even supported reforms in burial practices.

The choice of cremation is entirely up to the family or even up to person before his or her passing. Despite its history and its religious implications, cremating is now widely accepted and many people are now open to idea of “keeping” their dearly departed in this way.

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The choice of cremation is entirely up to the family or even up to person before his or her passing. Despite its history and its religious implications, cremating is now widely accepted.

Creating your customized neck lanyards

Neck lanyards are very customizable. In fact, you can even create your own if you know the materials! First you must select the type of lanyard you want. Listed below are some of the type of neck lanyards that you can choose from.


Neck lanyardsCord lanyards are one of the most simple lanyards and are usually sold blank and ready for imprint. It can be made from synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. These are the most common form of lanyards and various colors are available to choose from. Cord lanyards are cheap but sometimes skin irritation occurs from small loose fibers of the lanyard especially if it is made of polyester.


Nylon lanyards are durable and more comfortable than cord lanyards when worn. They are usually created by an industrial sewing machine and are thicker and shinier than other lanyards. The nylon allows the text or the design to be highlighted when imprinted on the lanyard.


Cotton lanyards absorb sweat quicker and easier because they are breathable. This feature makes the lanyard a favorite amongst lanyard wearers. However, quick as it is to absorb sweat, it does not dry off just as easy meaning you can feel cold sweat at the back of your neck when you wear cotton lanyards.

Polyester Twill

It is made of polyester but feels like cotton. It is also durable and comfortable to wear. Designs are transferred to the lanyard through the process of heat stamping.

Tube Lanyards

Tube stitching is done to these lanyards giving them the appearance of looking like shoelaces. It uses less material therefore making it cheaper and are the best choice for mass production.

Attachment options

The attachment piece is usually located at the bottom part of the lanyard and serves as the connector of the two sides of the cord. The attachment types that are available are the bulldog clip style, j-hook style, lobster claw style, split key ring style, and the cellphone loop style.

Bulldog clip

Bulldog clip attachments are heavy-duty and can carry heavy items without breaking itself. Bulldog clips also allow you to easily attach the lanyard to a slot-punched ID Holder or any simple ID card holder.


J-hooks are solid attachments that also readily accepts any slot-punched ID or card. However, J-hooks become loose at times and may resulted to the item accidentally falling out when the lanyard is not in place properly.

Lobster claw

Lobster claw attachments use a “close and open” mechanism to keep an item secure. Due to its design and structure, it can carry multiple items as long as there is still enough space in the inside part of the lobster claw. This makes it great for carrying multiple IDs, badges, or passes. Users of lobster claw attachment should make sure that the small protrusion at the end of the lobster claw is working properly because if not, it would be difficult to “open” the lobster claw and items attached to them would have to be dragged down to remove them.

Split Key Ring

Split key rings are commonly seen in key chains, but are also applicable attachments when it comes to lanyards. Items in the split-key rings, however, can sometimes accidentally come loose from the ring and can get lost.

Cellphone loop

Cellphones loop attachments offer a thin thread that can be attached to the corner of mobile phones which effectively transforms your neck lanyard into a cell phone holder. It is not attached to the cord via a metal crimp and is therefore detachable.

When you have chosen the material for your cord and what type of attachment you will use for your neck lanyards, the only thing left to think of is the design to be imprinted on it. Now you are ready to create your own lanyard using the information above. Enjoy your customized neck lanyards!

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No matter what kind of lanyards you need, we're your one-stop lanyard solution shop! If you need I.D. lanyards, neck lanyards, key ring lanyards, cell phone lanyards or any other style, we can provide it. If you want a great giveaway item for your next trade show, custom lanyards are ideal.